Qualified Savings Plans

Business or Company Financial Planning

Qualified  Retirement Plans

Whether or not you presently offer a qualified plan for yourself and your employees you owe it to yourself to capture all the advantages available to you to meet the varied goals you may have.  Tax advantages, both personally and for your business can be maximized beyond what many employers are aware.  Qualified plan features play an incredibly important part in attracting and retaining quality employees.   Discover how 401k plans, Profit Sharing plans, Money Purchase Pensions,  Age Weighted Testing and New Comparability, SEPs, Simple IRAs and other qualified plan arrangements can work for you and your company.  Click here for a complimentary professional evaluation and quote to optimize your advantages with your qualified plan arrangements.

Business Continuation Planning

When it comes to putting things off, succession planning for a family business probably takes the prize.  But after you understand your options, finding the right one for your situation should not be daunting.  Here’s an overview of succession strategies to help you get started.

Employee Health Plans

Health, disability and even long term care insurance are important deductible benefit programs for you, your business and your employees.  Not all insurance companies are equal nor or costs necessarily level.  The most expensive is not the best and the least expensive is not the worst.  Price is only one criterion of value.  Obtain further information or a complimentary rate quote from top insurers here. Click here for a complimentary professional evaluation and quote to optimize your advantages with your group health plan arrangements.

Financial Planning as a Company Perk for Your Company Executives and Employees

More and more, in the competition to attract, retain and serve your valuable employees, employers have turned to Professional Independent Certified Financial Planners to provide either group seminar sessions or individual financial planning services to key employees, executives and officers of their companies.  We have been one of the leading providers of such services, sessions and seminars in the Wichita Kansas area since 1984.  Contact us for additional information if you or your company could benefit from our customized, highly recommended,  concentrated, information packed, deductive, interactive, workshop-laden financial planning seminar series or just selective individual sessions.

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