Financial planning is the process of setting goals, assessing financial resources, and creating a plan to achieve those goals.

GFC offers comprehensive financial planning, investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and risk management services.

No, GFC is an independent financial consulting firm and is not owned by any banks, brokerage firms, or insurance companies.

GFC can help you with tax planning, but does not provide tax preparation services.

Yes, GFC can provide portfolio management services on a fee-only basis as an additional service upon request.

Yes, as professionals, GFC’s first commitment is to treat all personal and financial data with the utmost care and privacy.

GFC offers continuous service and periodic updates and reviews based on the frequency you request.

Yes, GFC works with clients’ other professional advisors and encourages clients to establish a relationship with other appropriate advisors where none exists.

GFC recommends only those financial products that are suitable to each client’s needs and are backed by financially sound organizations that have demonstrated a willingness and capacity to support their products with responsive service and goodwill.

Yes, GFC can help you plan for your children’s education through college education and subsidy plans.

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