Goals Introduction



A PERSON WITHOUT GOALS IS LIKE A SHIP WITHOUT A CAPTAIN. The ship has the equipment to sail anywhere, but without a captain to chart and steer the course, it goes nowhere, or it may drift aimlessly onto the rocks.

GOALS: create the compass, direction and drive for your planning. In order to qualify as an actual “goal” it must be written out; until then it is merely a vague idea, notion or concept. Goals should be a series of staged end points to which all our efforts are clearly directed.

SUCCESS: is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. Success is not a reward to be enjoyed, but a trust to continually be administered.


Personal and financial ideals should be specifically written down as goals that you wish to achieve. Make seven additional copies of the next page and then use a separate page for both personal and financial One Year, Five Year, Ten Year and Lifetime goals.

Next go through and rank your goals in order of importance. Then list as many significant actions that you can take to accomplish the corresponding goal. (These actions should confront hinderances – problems, and effectively utilize your resources.) Prioritize your action list based on practicality and effectiveness. Take all your number one ranked actions and make a pocket reminder “Things To Do” list that you carry with you. This list is for a daily reminder and can be incorporated into a executive planner for time allocation and followthrough. Cross off action items as they are accomplished. (As these actions are accomplished new actions need to be added to your lists until the corresponding goal is achieved.) Update your One Year Goal Sheet monthly. Update all other goal sheets annually.

By using this system you will allocate your time much more productively causing your dreams and ideals to become a reality. A recent study of Harvard graduates demonstrated that only 5% of the participants actually wrote down their goals, and 95% operated off of an unwritten conventional “goal” system. The 5% who wrote down their goal acheived more earnings than the entire 95% combined!  A goal is a dream with a deadline.  When it comes to setting goals…pale ink is better than the most retentive memory.  Write them down and keep reviewing them!

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